Powitec - Cooler Solutions

PiT Navigator Cooler

Advanced self-learning adaptive control of the cooler. This control system uses information from secondary (cooler) air, clinker bed temperatures, clinker bed form and additional information typically available.


  • • Reduced deviation of secondary air temperature
    • Increased burner flame stability
    • Fast cooling
    • Improved clinker quality
    • Fast adaptation to process changes

PiT Indicator Cooler

Intelligent CCD or IR-Thermography for indicating secondary air and clinker bed variations in their transient behavior.


  • • Analysis of secondary air temperature to find influences on burner flame and thus the clinker
    • Control the cooler to stabilize flame and clinker quality
    • Proper combustion of WDFs
    • Usage of the cooler as a fast responding temperature storage

PiT Video Cooler

Video Image from the cooler inside for in time reaction to process changes.


  • • Clinker bed inspection allows for in time reaction
    • Supervision of height and distribution

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