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PiT Navigator

  1. Advanced Auto-Optimizer for permanent process optimization

  2. Benefits

    1. • Stabilized kiln operation and clinker quality
      • Increased clinker production volume (up to 5%)
      • Energy efficiency increase (up to 5%)
      • Increased alternative fuel usage (up to 100%)
      • Reduced emissions (NOx and CO2)
      • Increased kiln availability
      • Fully automated process control

PiT Navigator Burner

Advanced Auto-Optimizer for a permanent optimization of fully automated burners


  • • Process stabilization
    • Increased efficiency

PiT Predictor (NOx, C3S, FCaO)

Timely knowledge of process changes through permanent on-line information on process values like NOx, C3S, FCaO.


  • • Accurate prediction of i.e. NOx, C3S, FCaO
    • On-line timely knowledge of process changes as they occur.
    • Reduction of off spec filter ash
    • Energy saving
    • Process stabilization
    • Prediction accuracy worldwide unbeaten. The average prediction of FCaO over 14 Powitec systems with included optical information for a period of 150 days showed a correlation coefficient value of 0.89.

PiT Online CFD

• Calculation of physical parameters, such as mass, density, velocity and temperature with online computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and online data input.
• Online-calibration with existing and new Powitec measurements


  • • Continuous on-line description of the process including temperature distribution with update rates of 10 to 30 seconds

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